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Restaurant Eating Rules
By: Meg Surmon

Eating out can be troublesome when watching your weight. Restaurant food and take-away food packs a bigger calorie punch than the equivalent home cooked meal. That doesn\'t mean you cant eat out and enjoy it, you should be able to do that and maintain a healthy weight.

Number one rule, do not eat out often!!!!

It\'s not what you want to hear I understand that, but stop and thing about your goal for a minute... If you have watched Masterchef, like I have, you start to get a sense of just how calorie rich those lovely meals are. Most of us are not active enough to wipe off the calories we consume eating out on a regular basis.

However, when you do eat out enjoy yourself and try some of these simple guidelines, follow to the Revive Blog for the full list;

Added: 26-07-2011