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Know Your Hormones
By: George Hynec


Exercise triggers hormonal release - the right exercise will maximise the benefit. We will experience approximately 10% decline in muscle mass between 25-50 years of age and another 45% by the time we are 80 if we do nothing about it. As we age we produce less growth hormone which leads to muscle atrophy. Exercise stimulates growth hormone release which is crucial for lean muscle mass and for combating some of the effects of aging.

Do you know your hormone levels?

If the answer is no, then you could well be wasting your time in the gym. Maybe the type of exercise you are doing is making things worse by increasing your cortisol levels and reducing your testosterone levels, not something you’d want. I network with physicians who understand hormonal balancing. Know your hormones – the only way to get most out of your training and nutrition!

Consider the following

  • Correct training will lower your cortisol levels and increase growth hormone levels

    Incorrect training, will do the opposite

  • High carb diet can cause increase in cortisol levels and reduce growth hormone

  • Diet low in fat will cause a drop in testosterone levels

  • Low intensity training such as jogging has a relatively negligible effect on hormone levels compared to high intensity cardio training

Added: 03-09-2011