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1000 kettlebell swings challange
By: George Hynec

Before you roll your eyes because you don\\\'t use kettlebells bear with me for a second. You don\\\'t need to use a KB, you can do this with a dumbbell. Ok, the weight distribution is different but you body doesn\\\'t know that so from a point of view of getting a decent cardio workout it makes very little difference as long as your technique is correct.

So, let us assume you know how to swing. If you don\\\'t there are plenty of videos out there on the correct technique, some of them are on this very website.

The idea is to set up an interval circuit using just one exercise - the kettlebell swing! Why the swing? Well, it is one of the best all arounders out there as it works pretty much everything and can be done anywhere.

1st of all you need to do some planning and then bit of prep work before you attempt the 1000 swing session. I am not really an endurance person, but since I have been playing around with performance breathing lately I decided to put it to a test.

Preparation - learn \\\'performance breathing\\\' and do the 5 exercises twice a week to teach your body to sync the movement with your breathing. These are body weight yoga type of exercises that I teach.

It is not essential that you use performance breathing, but it certainly makes a difference during long cycles such as high rep swings. You can, of course, use power breathing but you will expand more energy especially if using the Hard Style swing as opposed to using the fluid style.

Once you are cranking out 400 (20 min) - 500 (25 min) swings a session couple of times a week, using 30s on and 30s off intervals, with a 16kg bell and 8kg for the ladies, you are ready for the 1000 in 50 min.

Your breathing should be controlled and so should be your heart rate i.e. you can easily maintained conversation at the end of it without gasping for air. Let\\\'s say (on the conservative side) that KB swings burn about 11 cal a minute (if you do KB metabolic circuits you are talking about up to 20 cal a minute ) so 550 calories burned there and then with a decent after burn as well.

The only thing that started bothering me (as I suspected this would happen) in the last 100 reps was the grip, other than that i could have carried on proving that \\\'perpetual movement\\\' is possible, hai !

Added: 05-12-2011