Fitness Necessary for Triathletics

Triathlon is a very tough form of sports which requires high level of physical fitness and endurance. In has three sports clubbed in one: Swimming, Running and cycling. The combination of the three events makes Triathlon a very challenging sport. An athlete participating in these needs to have high level of physical fitness to be able to through the challenges of the three activities and for this they need to take up programs for triathlon fitness. These programs consist of various forms of exercising which help to tone up the body, so that one can tolerate the difficulties.  Participants need to put in hours of rigorous training in order to enhance muscular as well as cardio respiratory systems.

A few words of warnings for triathlon aspirants:

Those who are asthmatic or suffer from other bronchial, pulmonary or cardiac problem must take advice from the doctors before participating.  Chronic joint ailments may aggravate by participating in this event.

Getting Started with Triathlon Fitness

Before starting with the training program one need to set his/her goal right.  If you have total triathlon fitness, you may be able to successfully participate in one.  For that first and for most you need to be good at running, swimming and cycling. The idea is to first take training into individual activities one at a time. When you think you have been able to do it well then switch on to the next one.  Extensive practice sessions on each activity give the best result.

Workouts that help to tone your body for the respective sport need to be done regularly to prepare your body for triathlon. Clubbing the three together one needs to work out for tone all the body muscles, do cardiovascular exercises and get to know some respiratory techniques.  You should also know to keep your body hydrated as the sport takes long and exhaustive hours.

Let us now try to take a look at individual events in brief:


This event is the most challenging of the three as most of the participants are good at running and cycling.  But thankfully, it is also the shortest of the three.


Cycling comes most naturally to all, so not much needs to be done, expect learning a few techniques which would help you to keep ahead of others.


Since it is the last event, it gets a little difficult as you already get exhausted by the prior events. So you need to make real strong legs to finish through this final round.
To learn more about triathlon fitness, you may enroll in any one of the programs offered.