Fitness required for general health is much different to the sports specific fitness. Where an competitive athlete or someone going for regular fitness for health-, contribution of a personal trainer cannot be neglected.  For sports specific fitness various muscle strengthening and conditioning exercises and weight-loss programs are brought into regular practice. Most of the programs are time tested methods of training with help to give the sports person the required strength and speed.  These programs share specifically designed to give speed training, strength training, endurance training, plyometrics, flexibility and nutritional guidance.

What exactly is Sports Specific Fitness?

The main aim of such fitness programs is to train the athlete is a way customized for the particular sports he/she is involved with.  The target is to improve endurance level, strengthening of neuromuscular system, exercise pattern to be so as to replicate the movements as in the sport as also give nutritional guidance. Keeping in mind the kind of sport the pattern of exercising and regular drill is varied. A long distance runner would regular a different set of drills a s compared to a basketball player or a ice- skater. With proper kind of training patterns these Sports Specific Fitness program helps to give a sportsperson the cutting edge to win a particular event.

How to Choose the Right Fitness Program

The fitness programs have designed for different durations, one needs to choose from the list of programs offered by a particular club. The training might begin with resistance trainings for initial few days to build muscle power to perform better in any sport. One needs to choose a sports specific fitness schedule that suits your ultimate fitness goal required for a particular sport. The schedule may be classified as Off season, Pre Season and In Season. Throughout your training period the focus would be on working on the specific muscles which are used the most in a particular sport and thus improve your performance level.

Workouts that give you maximum results and target multiple muscle sets at one go. Apart from muscle training, in later part of the training programs cardio training for all-round development is also given to enhance your energy level and thus your performance in an event.

So prepare to give yourself that edge over others through the various Sports Specific Fitness programs that would support your sport.


To get the most from your training sessions, you must adapt to the specific needs and goals of your program. For those training for sport, your program must be aimed at the specific requirements of that sport. This includes training the muscles that are predominantly used, and with the right methods to achieve strength, power, or endurance, whatever is the need.

There is large variations in the physical demands required to compete in different sports. The event duration can vary greatly, from the explosive single action of the shot put, to ultra endurance events lasting many days.

The primary energy systems required can also vary, ranging from the highly aerobic marathon, to the anaerobic 100m sprint, and the multitude of team sports which require a combination of the energy systems.

In line with the variations in the demands of the sports, the fitness tests that are implemented should reflect these differences. Also, when attempting to interpret fitness testing results, it is important to have an idea of what is the relative importance of specific fitness components.

Sport Specific Fitness

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