Soccer Fitness for High Level of Performance

High level of soccer fitness is required for high level of performance in a game. Taking a look at the physically fitness level of top class players should give the answer to the question, ‘Why?’

Essential Aspects of Soccer Fitness

Before starting with soccer fitness training, one needs to set the goal. This requires meticulous planning as the overall success of a player depends on this. The players need to assess their level of fitness prior to the beginning of the season so that they can plan their training programs accordingly. Finally, when the goal is achieved that would give immense satisfaction. A soccer fitness training program should be planned so as to develop overall system which would improve the player’s stamina and help to perform well.

Planning the Training Schedule

High level of physical fitness would result in top power and speed in players. Players need to stand the resistance of the opponents too, which would also require physical tolerance. Bulky structure of a player would be of hindrance to his play, so going through aerobic routine and power training play a substantial role in enhancing players’ performance.

For developing muscle power bench press is great for upper body and leg press work for lower body. But there are many other forms which are far more advanced method and help to strengthen muscles. Although the power and agility required by rugby and football players are different to that of soccer players, but some of the workouts are common and may be done by soccer players too, which would only enhance endurance level.

Relative strength is more important than absolute strength. Relative Strength is nothing but your maximum strength adjusted to your body weight. If you can work out more as compared to your body weight, then you have high level of relative strength.

If you can bench press your own body weight and leg press twice your body weight you have excellent relative strength.

Another aspect to look out for soccer player is to develop their quadriceps. The quadriceps should be twice as stronger as their hamstring muscle.

Finally, flexibility is yet another aspect which is of utter importance. This is essential to lower the risk of injury. So, flexibility training is also vital for soccer fitness.