Marathon is a kind of race where you walk almost 26miles, app. 42Km.  So it is quite obvious that one requires high endurance level to take part in a Marathon. Apart from being an important event in almost all important competitions like the Olympics, Marathons these days are also organised for various causes like spreading awareness about something. In these Marathons almost anyone with any level of endurance and skills may take part. But for those who take active interest or participate in competitions need to take special trainings to bring up their tolerance level and win.

What Kind Of Preparations are required?

To be successful in a Marathon, one needs to take meticulously planned training programs. It takes a long time of training to be able to just participate in such an event, wining would require much rigorous training as it involves long distance and also difficult terrains.

To begin with one needs to run for a minimum of 15-20 miles a day. Even for the experienced one, to win an event is not easy and apart from running they need to do regular workouts to strengthen the muscles.

Marathons are of two types: Half-Marathon and Full-Marathon. Both require specific trainings to be successful. Let us try to look into some of the aspects of such trainings.

For beginners, one needs to start off quite early before participating in one, almost a year.  To start with they need to practice running long distances, starting slowly. Next stages, the training sessions get shorter. In following stages, one needs to concentrate on other aspects, like muscle toning, proper hydration, nutritional aspects etc. Then choosing the right kind of gear and shoes is also very important. It is very important as you have to be in them constantly for long hours and so need to be comfortable and should not be a hindrance to agility.

Running in Marathons is very exhausting, so proper attention needs to be taken for rehydration.

While training also proper rest must been taken for relaxing the muscles, otherwise it could get very harmful. When participating for a half Marathon, you need to set your goal. Whether you wish to simply take part or are willing to continue till the finish. The training schedule must be planned accordingly.