Football is a sport where a lot of running with frequent change in speed and intensity is involved, also various movements of varied intensity is involved. Players there need a lot of energy and high level of tolerance which may be achieved by mix of different workouts. These exercises help the players to generate nonstop energy and resist fatigue throughout the game, which enables to give high level of performance.


Various forms of exercises are involved to achieve football fitness, let us briefly discuss them all.

Working on Speed

The plyometric circuit helps to develop high energy in players, but this should not be done more than twice a week. Plyometrics should not be done before playing the matches as this is very exhausting and takes time to recover.

Nest the players need to concentrate on the shuttle sprints from various positions like lying position, standing position, sprinting forward while running backward etc. Keep in mind that the sprints in the match are short so work on them accordingly. Along with is routine the players may also do cardio exercises like running, steppers or rowing for strengthening their heart.

Weight Training

Weight training is also an essential part of the program which must be done 2-3 times a week. Between the trainings enough time should be given for the body to recover from the straining. Someone who is new to weights should start off with very low intensity and then gradually increase. The focus should be to increase strength of legs and arms.

Stretching Out

Stretching out before the match is very important to make the body muscles active. In a football game , the players have to keep changing their speed and intensity of play and stretching is important to prevent injury. So after some warm up exercises one should go for stretching. This also helps the players to be active and thus improve the game.

Dynamic stretching is balanced rhythmic movements progressing through various body movements,


Aerobics adds to conditioning the body when combined with other forms of workouts. When not in fit form, then just working on aerobics for some time leaving the other workouts helps to energize the body without much stress. It should be understood that only steady paced exercise may not be of much use in long run, so aerobic helps to develop the system.

It is important to keep in mind that rehydrating the body intermittently is very essential, so intake of electrolytic fluids and energizing bars is necessary.