Cycling is a good way of exercising outdoors which helps in losing weight very rapidly and also helps in increasing your endurance level.  For Cycling one needs to have very strong legs and high stamina. Cycling in open air also helps to reduce stress level.  Cycling make your exercising routine enjoyable as you are not confined to a space. Cross country cycling is a very enjoyable experience with a group of friends too.  Almost anyone with any physical structure can take up cycling.

It has been found that regular cycling fitness helps to reduce health problems by almost 20- 30%.

In What Other Ways Can Cycling Help?

If you are conscious about environmental causes, they you may find more than one advantage in cycling other than health causes.

  • In today’s world of traffic congestion, cycling to your work place is very convenient, and you save time.
  • You save fuel and also your money.
  • Cycling does not cause air pollution and thus you contributing in keeping your environment clean.  Cycling would cause noise pollution too, so it is the most environment friendly of commuting.

So cycling fitness is one way which as many benefits with minimum bad effects if you are very careful.

How Much Time Should I give for cycling fitness Every day?

This question would arise if you are willing to cycle regularly for keeping fit.  It depends on individual requirement. Some would suggest about 30 minutes a day or if you are concerned about the calories you burn then about 500kCal a day. Cycling atleast 3-4 days a week should help you to achieve your goal. But if you over- stress yourself to lose weight very quickly then it might get dangerous and might end up harming yourself. So you must understand the limit to which you can go. All you should remember is that a good exercising routine should help you to keep energised and active throughout the day and not leave you exhausted.

For those who do not enjoy cycling outdoors, you have option of doing the same at the comfort of your home or health with the help of static Cycle. It helps to give you the same cycling fitness as that of outdoor cycling. In addition you get to note the distance you covered, total calories lost and also monitor your heart beat rates through the meters attached to the equipment.